This article looks at the steps for;
  1. Pre-sale
  2. Placed orders
  3. Confirmed orders
  4. Dispatched orders
  5. Return in progress
  6. Completed - Returned 

1. Pre-Sale

As a seller, you are responsible for organising a courier on Vinterior.

On your listings, delivery prices can be shown in three ways; 
  • An estimate calculated by Vinterior: This estimate is updated occasionally to maintain accuracy and takes into account item size. Please note, it based in the mainland UK, so the quotes are not always accurate.
  • An estimate set by you as sellers: Update your delivery grid to remove Vinterior's estimated feature. 
  • A Fixed or Free delivery price set by you

In both cases when an estimate is presented the buyer can request a quote for a more accurate price. 

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2. Placed to Confirmed 

After the buyer has placed their order, you will need to confirm availability and add the shipping costs within 72 hours. Here you will need to input the delivery quote for the order, this will then be charged to the buyer's card unless a pre-sale agreement was made for the delivery to be free or for the item to be collected for example.

Once the order has been confirmed and shipping costs added, the buyer will receive a confirmation email for the order outlining the shipping amount and payment method. 

Shipping costs are charged to the payment card used to make the purchase.

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3. Confirmed to Dispatched

Once the order is dispatched you must update the status of the delivery to Dispatched. The buyer will be notified via email. 

How to update an order from confirmed to dispatch?
  • Go on My Dashboard
  • Click on My Sales
  • Find order
  • Click Update
  • Put in delivery details
  • When you  the order from Confirmed to Dispatched, the buyer will receive an email with the title “Your Vinterior purchase has been dispatched - Order: Number”

Vinterior Tips 
Make sure to add any additional delivery information from yourself, this should include the following:

  • Possible delivery date, 
  • Type of courier service use +  possible phone numbers
  • Estimated time arrival, 
  • If the buyer needs to be present
  • If it is a 1 man delivery and whether it can be a 2 man delivery when necessary