Trade buyers need an invoice for their accounting. This guide outlines the key points about how to send invoices to these buyers.

1) Which type of buyers require an invoice?

Two types of professional buyers on Vinterior require an invoice:
  1. Those registered as Trade Buyers (part of the Trade Program)
  2. Those who have not yet registered as Trade Buyers and still hold a Consumer Account

Please note that the invoice is not destined to receive payment from the Trade buyer. All payments for the order should go through Vinterior.

2) When should you provide an invoice?
  • As soon as possible. A buyer may request an invoice by contacting you via our messaging system, so please be aware this could happen for every sale you make.
  • If the buyer has not requested it explicitly, a digital invoice should be sent after the item has been dispatched.

3) How will you get the information to issue an invoice?
  • Professional buyers registered as Trade Buyers:
    Within the confirmation email of the order, you will find all the billing details necessary to create an invoice under the ‘Invoicing Information’ section.
  • Professional buyers registered as regular Buyers:
    You won’t receive any billing details in the confirmation email, so when the buyer requests an invoice via message, you will have to request the information you need to do it.
  • VAT information:
    You should request VAT information by message if they are not provided upfront in the conversation by the buyer.

4) What information should you include in this invoice?
  • Business information:
    Your business name, address and VAT number (if applicable)
    The buyer’s business name, address and VAT number (if applicable)
  • Order details:
    Vinterior order number
    Description of the item(s) and quantity
    Selling price(s) on Vinterior: it should match the final agreed price paid by the buyer
    Delivery cost (if applicable)
    VAT breakdown (if applicable)

    Vinterior’s commission should NOT be included:
    This is a separate charge between your business and Vinterior and is not relative to the buyer’s accounting.

    Here is an example of a standard invoice.
    Please use this format for reference if you have not created an invoice before.


5) How do you share the invoice with your buyer on Vinterior?
  • Log into your Vinterior account 
  • Go to My Account which can be found in the top right-hand corner
  • Select My Sales from the drop-down menu
  • Find the relevant order and click Contact buyer
  • Click the + symbol near the “send” button to attach your file (screenshot below)

You can find more information about selling to professional buyers in our T&Cs and this section of your FAQs