As of March 2021, Vinterior dedicated six weeks to improve the listing creation experience for sellers. Creating and publishing quality listings is essential to help drive your sales. Therefore, Vinterior wants to offer you a seamless listing experience whether you make your listings from scratch or use the listing uploading tool.


We will be updating this page with our progress so that you can keep up to date with the changes we make.



What has Vinterior completed so far?

  • Materials: You can now add more than one material when creating a listing. This will improve the detail of information shown in your listings and seen by potential buyers.


  • Brands: We have added a brand/manufacturer suggestion dropdown list to help you choose the appropriate one for your item. This will improve search consistency across the site and help save you time when you create your listings.

    Don't know the brand? Or have one to add? Should you feel unsure of the brand/manufacturer of your listing, select "Unknown" in the field above. If the brand is known, but you cannot see it in the dropdown list, check the "Other" box to type it in quickly.


  • Condition reports: These have been created to add more details to your listings regarding an item's condition. This will help you to avoid unnecessary returns or buyer confusion.

  • Diameter: You can now add additional detail regarding an item's diameter measurements for buyers to increase your sales. The width and depth will also be automatically updated for you.

  • Price increase notes: You can now see a price increase breakdown on each of your listings to increase transparency. Vinterior understands that accurate prices are fundamental.

  • Listing title changes:
    1. A character counter has been added to the listing creation form to encourage concisely phrased titles.

    2. To help search efficiency on Vinterior for buyers, listings can now have only one style name in their title, as well as one subcategory or product type.

    3. All titles will now have the correct character casing. For example, "Louis Xiv" will always be displayed as "Louis XIV".

    4. Listing titles that already exist on the Vinterior can no longer be re-submitted to prevent duplicate listings on the platform.


  • URL upload tool: The technical team have improved the accuracy of the listing URL upload tool, when we create your listings for you, to ensure consistency and quality in your listings. You can also let us know how you would like us to synchronise the information on your submitted URLs with your Vinterior listings by following this link. This will help us to create your listings with increased accuracy moving forward.