This article explains everything you need to know about sponsored listings on Vinterior. 

Vinterior has partnered with sponsored listing advertising experts Topsort to bring their specialist technology to Vinterior Sponsored Listings. You can create a Topsort account and start using Sponsored Listings here.

You can use Sponsored Listings to promote your items in search results and across category pages on Vinterior. It’s super simple, choose which listings you wish to advertise and set your budget, and we’ll do the rest.

Sponsored Listings are a cost-efficient auction-style advertising solution which allows sellers to bid for the key positions on listings pages. You only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. The amount you pay depends on how many people click on your ads, and how valuable the place where your ad is shown is. Your cost per click can vary for each listing and each time it appears in search results.

If you're already using sponsored listings and want to leave us feedback, please send us your thoughts via this survey for our Product Team to review. 

How do I get set up with Vinterior Sponsored Listings?

To ensure the best experience for all our sellers, there is currently a waiting list for access to Sponsored Listings. We will be onboarding sellers to the new feature in small numbers from March. This ensures we can provide you with all the tools and support to get you started with your first campaign. 

To set up Sponsored Listings:

  1. On, log in and head to your seller dashboard
  2. Choose ”Sponsored Listings” in the menu
  3. Here you can find out more about Sponsored Listings and register to “Join the Waitlist”
  4. If you already have an account, select “Login” to access your Topsort account.

Creating a Topsort account

You will receive an email inviting you to the Topsort platform to create an account and view your seller dashboard.

Once you've clicked "Get started" in the email, you'll be redirected to a webpage with a 3-step signup process. Fill out the information asked of you, such as:

  • Your primary goal with Topsort Ads
  • Your level of experience with online advertising
  • Your contact information, role within your organization, and password

Creating your first campaign 

Creating your first campaign is simple. Open the dashboard and click the green “create campaign” at the top right side of the dashboard. Then, select “Sponsored Listings” in the drop-down menu.

Step 1: Pick your products: Here, you can select your products by name or category. You can add as many products as you would like.

Step 2: Bidding: Here, you must set a “maximum bid per click” for each product in the campaign. There are a few options for this:

  • Auto-bidding with "Adjust my bids for me". Our systems will take your daily budget and optimally enter you into auctions where you'll see the best result
  • Suggested bids: We provide a “suggested bid” based on the overall competition and history. But these are just suggestions, and you should optimize based on your unit economics and the willingness to pay for additional product page visits. If unsure, we highly suggest auto-bidding.
  • Finally, you could bid manually based on your unit economics and the willingness to pay for additional product page visits.

Step 3: Launch: To finish your campaign, add a campaign name; this will only be visible to you. You now must set a maximum daily budget. This number will determine how many clicks through to your Sponsored Listing you would like. For example, if your bid is £5 per click and your daily budget is £100, your campaign will be live for a maximum of 20 clicks. We’ll spread your budget out throughout the day, this is called pacing. Depending on page traffic and the number of auctions your campaign is winning, you may not need all your budget, this is fine as you will only be charged per click on your Sponsored Listing. If you selected auto-bidding previously, then we'll take your daily budget and enter you into advertising auctions optimally.

Then press launch! It’s that simple, your campaign is now active! We’ll automatically target your product in the categories it belongs in to keep the marketplace relevant to customers!

You can change which listings you advertise at any time. Be sure that the listings you advertise follow Vinteriors Allowed Products Guidelines.

Where will my ads be shown?

When you are advertising your listings through Sponsored Listings, we will show your items throughout the site to relevant users browsing across product listing pages. Your listings will be promoted at the top of relevant searches too. This makes it easier to reach buyers with a higher intent to purchase. With Vinterior's data insights and expertise, we optimise your advertising and expand the reach of your ads on Vinterior.

How am I charged for Vinterior Sponsored Listings?

With Sponsored Listings, you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. The amount you pay depends on how many people click on your ads and how valuable the place where your ad is shown is. Your cost per click can vary for each listing and each time it appears in search results.

Your daily budget is calculated by the budget you set divided by the duration. For example, if you set a monthly budget of £300, your average daily budget will be £10.

Your daily spending limit (the maximum amount a campaign can spend on a given day) will go up and down to bring you the highest return. But it will never exceed the average daily budget multiplied by 2.

So, if your monthly budget is £300, you might spend £20 one day and £5 on another, but the total monthly budget will never go above £300.

How to view your Sponsored Listing charges

Payments for Sponsored Listings are managed by Topsort, and charges are displayed in your Topsort dashboard.

Sponsored Listings works on a CPC (cost-per-click) model, meaning you will only be charged when you have won the auction, your product is sponsored on the site, and then a customer clicks on your ad.

You must enter your credit card information under the “Manage Cards” tab and add credit to your account. To top up the wallet, simply click the green button “Top-up wallet”. You will then see a pop-up with the options to top-up an amount, custom, or suggested amounts. Then, choose which card you will be charging, tick the confirmation box and click “Top-up now”. All of our payments are powered securely by Stripe.

There is an option to “set up auto-fill”. This will automatically charge your card when your balance is looking to run out in the next 48 hours.

Your account balance will allow a slightly negative balance and will be shown in red. You will be notified that your credit has run out, and you should refill your wallet to recommence your advertising.

How do I use my sponsored listing performance dashboard?

The dashboard is designed to show the most important information in a short amount of time.

After logging onto the platform, you will see your shop name and the “Trends” graph. Here, you can track your “spending” and your “clicks” over various periods. The graph shows the date along the x-axis and the £ amount on the y-axis. To change the time period, just click the box “Last 7 days” to see the drop-down menu.

You can also see the four main metrics: Sales, Return on ad spend, Impressions and cost per click (CPC). These metrics are updated in real-time.

At the top right of the dashboard, you have the following options:

  • Invite to your team - Here, you can add members of your team also to view the Dashboard and create/edit campaigns.
  • Manage Invoices - Here, you can manage your invoices and payments
  • Create a campaign - Follow the steps of “creating your first campaign” here.

Underneath this, you can see all of your campaigns. If this is the first time you are using Topsort-powered ads, there will be no active campaigns. Once you have some active campaigns, you can click on each one to see a more detailed review. On this page, you can see the campaign-specific trend graph as well as the product list and metrics, including the click-through rate and the conversion rate. You can see the individual performance of each of your products within the campaign.

All this data can be exported as a PDF by clicking “Export” at the top right side of the page. You can also delete the campaign to make it permanently inactive. Once you delete the campaign, it cannot be accessed again.

Through the Dashboard, you can access your Account Settings. Do this by clicking your name and picture at the top right of your screen.  Here, you can see your total account balance and the value of your next due payment. You can add and edit your payment details here.

You can view and edit your full account details, including your business information and team members who have access to the platform.

Vinterior Notes:

  • For more detailed FAQs and video training, visit the Topsort Help Centre
  • Your feedback during the launch of Sponsored Listings is appreciated and will help Vinterior to improve the feature. Please send us your thoughts via this feedback survey here-Thank you!