This article explains Vinterior's delivery partnership pilot with the EU furniture delivery company, GoVintage.

Partnering with GoVintage

Thanks to seller feedback, we know that EU-to-UK delivery can be tricky for our sellers post-Brexit, and this is something that Vinterior have wanted to solve for sellers for some time. Following the success of our UK-to-UK delivery partnership, Vinterior is happy to announce that we are now launching an EU delivery pilot with the well-known courier GoVintage, who have been in the antique and fine art transport industry for more than 5 years.

What items can be shipped with GoVintage?

  • EU seller items from the following countries:

    • AREA 1: Netherlands, Belgium, South of Germany and north of France

  • AREA 2: South of France, Switzerland and Italy.
  • Click here to see the seller locations covered.

  • Items for UK delivery within London and the South East

  • Items categorised as large or extra-large in Vinterior's delivery size grid

What are the delivery prices?

We have negotiated exclusive delivery rates that include custom agency fees and are based on Vinterior’s delivery grid:


  • Large items: £230
  • Extra Large items: £300


  • Large items: £270
  • Extra Large items: £340

*These are lower than if sellers work individually with GoVintage.

What does GoVintage promise sellers?

  • Collection and delivery in less than 2-4 weeks.
  • Vinterior handles all customs paperwork and collection of import VAT on behalf of the buyer.
  • Premium support Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM CET.
  • Automatically booked deliveries - the seller doesn't have to do anything.

What is the process for EU sellers taking part?

  • Eligible EU sellers with an EORI number can sign up for our pilot here.
  • Eligible EU sellers must then sign a customs agency consent contract.
  • Vinterior will match your items to the correct commodity code to determine the import VAT amount due on import, and we will ask you to approve these.
    • If you offer antiques, a statement of authenticity will be required.
  • Vinterior will then increase your listing price to include any import VAT %
  • Once onboarded to the pilot, Vinterior will arrange everything for you and pay GoVintage on your behalf (less our commission).
  • Vinterior will work directly with GoVintage’s customs agency to handle the customs paperwork and Import VAT on behalf of your buyer.
  • GoVintage will reach out to you directly to arrange collection from you and deliver it to your buyer.
  • GoVintage will keep you updated via email on the progress of your shipments.


What do I need to do to take part?

Eligible EU sellers need an EORI number to sign up for the pilot. If you have one, please sign up here.

What are the T&Cs?

By shipping your items via GoVintage, you agree to comply with GoVintage’s T&Cs.

Do I need to update my delivery prices?

No, Vinterior will do this for you the day before the pilot launch.

Will the order be tracked?

GoVintage will update you on the progress of your shipment via email. If you have any specific queries regarding the delivery of your item, you can also reach them directly:  Tel: +48 789 176 578.

As a seller, who do I need to contact if I need support with a delivery job?

GoVintage will answer all your delivery questions at and call +48 789 176 578. Payment and cancellation questions should go to Vinterior as usual.

The buyer got in touch with questions regarding the delivery - who should I contact?

GoVintage will always be able to assist you better, as they can provide live updates. You can also direct the buyer to get in touch with GoVintage directly.

How do payments work?

Delivery payments will be handled between Vinterior and GoVintage.

How should I pack my items?

  1. All items should be packed well with BUBBLE WRAP or blankets and tape.

  2. Please take into consideration covering fragile parts’ edges with cardboard or foam or other protective material. The cardboard is really important to prevent damage.

  3. If your item is transported in a carton box, make sure you protect the item to stay stable in the box during the transport. Please consider putting enough Styrofoam/foam inside the box.

  4. In case you need to disassemble the product, please let us know, so we can inform the customer and add a manual in the box for easier assembling.

  5. Please never send an item without proper protective packaging (suitable to the product you are sending).

How much does the insurance cover?


How can I provide feedback on GoVintage’s delivery service?

Your feedback is essential for the success of the partnership. Please send it to