On September 5th 2023, we launched a platform campaign displaying the total item price including delivery on listings to provide more delivery price transparency to customers. This campaign is part of our ongoing efforts to increase sales for our sellers.

Thank you for your continued support whilst we test ways to improve the Vinterior platform.

Why are we running this campaign?

We still hear from buyers that delivery prices can be unclear, making it hard for them to compare the full cost of purchases. We want to test making it easier for buyers to understand the total cost, particularly during a time when many customers are more cost-conscious.

How will the campaign work?

We’ve added the delivery cost to the item price to display the final price, including delivery on all items with a fixed delivery cost to the UK.

These items are highlighted by an ‘includes UK delivery’ banner on search pages, category pages, and product pages.

Will this impact me as a seller?

Please rest assured that, as a seller, nothing will change for you. Your item price, delivery price, and payout will all stay the same. The only change will be how the price is displayed to some customers, and how you negotiate some of your offers.

Which items will be included in the campaign?

We're only including items with a fixed delivery cost to the UK. Items with 'request a quote' will remain the same and be untouched by the test.

How will ‘make an offer’ work?

To provide clarity and consistency, buyers viewing the ‘delivery included’ price will make an offer on the total item price including delivery. So, when considering offers, please bear in mind that your offer price may include delivery.

Make an offer including delivery

Make an offer excluding delivery

How will I know which offers include delivery?

Offers will either have 'including delivery' or 'excluding delivery' in the message thread where you can accept, counter-offer or decline.

When offers include delivery, you will see the offer price including delivery, as shown above. 

Let us know your thoughts:

Your feedback is always helpful to us. Please feel free to contact sellersupport@vinterior.co -Thank you!