As of November 2023, we have launched a second iteration of our delivery included campaign with a free delivery test. This test is part of our ongoing efforts to increase sales for our sellers.

Thank you for your continued support whilst we test ways to improve the Vinterior platform.

Why are we running this test?

Our delivery included campaign has provided more price clarity for cost-conscious buyers. Early results indicate that listings displaying 'delivery included' are 6% more likely to sell, with buyers also more likely to spend up to 5% more when ordering.

With this in mind, we want to see if changing this wording to free delivery increases sales even further.

How will the test work? 

The free delivery test will work in the same way as the delivery included campaign. For items with a fixed delivery price to the UK, the price displayed will be inclusive of delivery costs. The only difference will be the wording: We will update the delivery included banner to say free delivery for some buyers.


Who will see free delivery?

Half of buyers will continue to be shown the existing display of delivery included whilst the other half will be shown the updated free delivery display.

What items are not included in the test?

Items with request a quote will not be included in the test, and will stay the same. We're only including items with a fixed delivery cost to the UK in the test.

Will this impact me as a seller?

This won't change anything for you as a seller. Your item price, delivery price, and payout will all stay the same. The only difference is that the price displayed to buyers will be inclusive of delivery costs.

How will make an offer work? 

Make an offer will also work in the same way as the delivery included campaign. To provide clarity and consistency, buyers viewing the free delivery or delivery included price will make an offer on the total item price including delivery. So, when considering offers, please bear in mind that your offer price may include delivery.

How will I know which offers include delivery?

Offers will either include delivery or exclude delivery in the message thread where you can accept, counter-offer or decline.

When offers include delivery, you will see the offer price including delivery, as shown above. 

For items not displaying delivery included or free delivery (which will be request a quote items) you will get offers which are excluding delivery.