We are updating your payment terms on Vinterior for any future sales you make with us. As of today, Vinterior is removing any delays between the moment you dispatch the item and the moment the payout is initiated and funds are transferred on your Stripe Connect account. Your payout will be transferred to your Stripe Connect account on the day after you have marked the item as dispatched on the site. The funds will be transferred from your Stripe Connect account to your bank account, and this can take up to 3 working days. 

This means that Vinterior is now paying you on average 9 days faster, compared to our previous payment terms. 

Keeping these Benefits: 

Here are the conditions to maintain these benefits. With this, we want to promote great standards for the level of service we offer to Vinterior buyers.

1. Enquiries: 90% of your enquiries are replied to in less than 12 hours

2. Cancelling orders: 1 or less automatically cancelled orders in the last month. 

For more information on this type of cancellation please refer to this article. 

3. Ambassador of Vinterior:

Encourages sales to be placed through Vinterior

You encourage orders to be placed through our site when a buyer messages you on Vinterior as opposed to asking them to purchase the item directly from your site/ another online marketplace. 

Courteous in interactions

Being respectful to buyers and Vinterior staff should always prevail and will facilitate easy resolutions in all cases.

Facilitating returns

Returns can be draining for all parties involved. Facilitating them will help focus on the next steps, other successful sales.
Responsiveness to Vinterior staff

We need your support and responsiveness as we aim to solve cases as quickly and smoothly as possible.

4. Stripe Connect account

You must have a Stripe Connect account so that you can receive payments within the time period outlined above. 

Getting these benefits once conditions are met:

Our primary goal is that you get these benefits as soon as possible. We will communicate a clear date and will review whether the conditions outlined above are met at this point.

If you have not met these conditions we will support you in the actions you can take to meet these expectations. We will be reviewing accounts that are currently not being paid according to the terms outlined every months. If we see that in this time period you have met the expectations, we will upgrade your payment terms.