As of October 5th 2023, we’ll be advertising a 1-week delivery option exclusively for London-based buyers on select listings at no additional cost.

Why are Vinterior doing this?

We're committed to making the delivery process as convenient as possible for our buyers, especially new buyers.

Currently, around 70% of our sales are to a London-based customer. Since Vinterior sellers can ship quickly to London without significant lead times (unlike other furniture retailers), we want to emphasise this advantage: highlighting to these buyers how simple and fast it is to purchase an item with delivery to London.

How does this benefit you?

This 1-week delivery option will primarily benefit sellers located in the UK who usually ship in less than a week or who can use Proovia, our fast delivery service. London-based buyers will be the primary recipients of this service, as we have a higher confidence they will all receive their purchases quickly and conveniently, and they represent the vast majority of our buyers.

What's next?

If you’re interested in our delivery roadmap, this is what it currently looks like this: 

1. Eliminating uncertainty: London-based buyers will no longer need to worry about estimated pre-sale delivery prices (completed).

2. Streamlining the experience: We are simplifying pricing and delivery timeframes specifically for London deliveries (being implemented).

3. Price perception: Our goal is to improve the perception of prices through initiatives such as free delivery and bundle delivery options (in the pipeline).

4. Enhanced tracking: In the future, we plan to introduce improved tracking options (in the pipeline).

Thank you for being a part of the Vinterior community. 

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