After careful consideration, Vinterior will be pausing the EU delivery pilot with GoVintage on the 19th of March. To make the transition easier, this article goes through a step-by-step guide on how sellers can continue shipping with GoVintage directly after this date. Please note that Vinterior will no longer be responsible for any deliveries that you may book with GoVintage directly after the 19th of March.


We have negotiated with GoVintage and they have agreed to offer the same exclusive delivery prices and lead times to our sellers moving forward when booking with them directly. Delivery rates include custom agency fees.

  • AREA 1: Netherlands, Belgium, South of Germany and north of France
  • AREA 2: South of France, Switzerland and Italy.


  • Large items: £230
  • Extra Large items: £300


  • Large items: £270
  • Extra Large items: £340

Lead time:

  • Collection and delivery in less than 2-4 weeks.

Booking deliveries with GoVintage directly - Step-by-step guide

  1. Delivery prices - If you’re shipping with GoVintage, please ensure your delivery prices show GoVintage prices, as shown above. Following the end of the pilot, it will be the responsibility of our sellers to display these prices to customers.

  2. Commercial invoice - Once you have made a sale and confirmed your order, you will need to complete the commercial invoice - please find the template attached to the bottom of this article. 

  3. Email GoVintage - Email to book the delivery service. Attach the commercial invoice and ask them any questions you may have related to it.

  4. Confirmation from GoVintage - GoVintage will confirm the email receipt and will confirm delivery payment and estimated import VAT. Please note that you will pay GoVintage the delivery payment and import VAT payment upfront and then these amounts will be refunded back to you in the payout process. Please find more on import VAT below.

  5. Schedule a collection date - GoVintage will contact you to schedule a collection date at your earliest convenience. Please note that they will always be reachable via email, phone number and/or WhatsApp.

  6. Mark the item as dispatched - Once the item has been collected, mark the order as dispatched on Vinterior.

  7. Payment - Within 3-5 days you will receive the total payout amount in your stripe account (this includes the item’s price, the import VAT, and the delivery price).

Import VAT

As a reminder, GoVintage is a DDP (delivered, duties, paid) delivery company, meaning import VAT is collected and cleared by them so that your item goes straight through customs.

At the start of the pilot, we increased your prices by 24% so that import VAT is included in your prices. Or, if your prices were already increased by a percentage below 24%, we added the percentage difference. For example, if your prices were previously increased by 20%, we added an extra 4%.

Please note that we will keep this increase on your listings unless you request otherwise. Please email if you would like us to remove or change this increase.