You will get a notification by email and on your dashboard each time you receive a new message. 

Please make sure to prioritize it and answer as soon as you can to offer an excellent service and have a happy buyer.

Make sure to be courteous as and offer the best answer you can. 


  • Keep your buyers updated
  • Answer within 6 hours

  • Use a very kind tone

  • If the information would also help other users => edit your listing to add them

  • If you don’t have yet the answer => Acknowledge the message and give a timeline for the answer


Contact Buyer button on your My Sales page to start the post-sale conversation.

Vinterior Notes:

Delays and damages are rare, but these things can happen. In our experience, buyers can still come out of a negative experience with a positive attitude - as long as the seller was transparent and communicative throughout. Our customer service team are on hand to help with any major issues, so get in touch via if a problem arises.

Set clear delivery expectations

9 out of 10 negative reviews sent to our team relate to the communication around delivery, so it is absolutely vital you ensure that your buyers know what to expect when purchasing from you.


  1. When responding to a delivery quote request or confirming an order, ensure the estimated time frame provided will be adhered toExtraneous circumstances may affect the final delivery date, but keeping the buyer up to date with the progress of their order will keep their expectations correctly set.
  2. Update the Additional Delivery Information field within your account. This information is displayed on each of your Vinterior listing pages and can help provide 5-star service to our customers - by clearly outlining the process once one of your items is purchased.

Communication with your buyer:

Once you’ve made a sale, keeping your buyer informed and up to date is the difference between a good and bad Vinterior experience. One message to say “thank you for your order” is a great way to start. This can be sent once your sale is confirmed.

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account.
  2. Go to My Dashboard
  3. Go to "My Sales" and click on the relevant order. 
  4. Click "Contact Buyer" or "See Thread

Leave your request there.  When the buyer replies, it will leave a thread so you can come back to it for reference. You should also be notified via an automated Vinterior email when the buyer gets in touch.