If you have not updated your delivery price grid, Vinterior automatically displays a delivery estimate for each listing based on the product type. The purpose of this is to give potential buyers a rough idea of how much the delivery of an item would cost to their chosen destination. It also improves buyer trust and encourages them to make a purchase.

Good to know:

  • Vinterior clearly states that this cost is only an estimate, and not the delivery price they will get charged.
  • Vinterior recommends that the buyer contacts the seller to ‘Request a Quote’.

Vinterior tips:

  • To increase the accuracy of these estimates, and to offer a great experience to your buyers, Vinterior recommend that you update your delivery prices using the Delivery Grid.
  • Vinterior's Estimated Delivery Grid is chosen by product average sizes, not by the dimensions shown on the listing. Please kindly fill in your own delivery information if you would like more accurate shipping estimates displayed on your listings.