Vinterior buyers come from a variety of backgrounds. This means that you might receive enquiries from buyers who are unsure how to use our platform, or from trade buyers who are used to receiving invoices. Both these types of buyers may ask you for an invoice pre-sale, or about how they can pay you directly. If you experience this, Vinterior kindly ask that you direct the buyer to make their purchase on Vinterior. This will protect you in any case of a dispute, or an escalation. Vinterior can happily assist you with any order related problems.

What should I do when a buyer asks me to sell an item outside of the platform?

STEP 1 : Inform them about how Vinterior works

  1. Assure the buyer they must purchase via Vinterior to be protected.
  2. Explain how to add the item to their basket by clicking on the cart icon and proceeding to checkout.
  3. Explain they can make payment by card, or if they are a registered trade buyer, by bank transfer.
  4. Explain that you will receive an order, on which you will confirm the availability and delivery cost as agreed.

STEP 2 : Contact the Vinterior team

  1. Email or
  2. Provide the enquiry reference number of the discussion.
  3. Vinterior will be in touch with the buyer to explain how the platform works.

I have made a sale but payment was taken outside of Vinterior, how can you charge me for commission?

While Vinterior does not condone this behaviour, we understand that sometime these things happen. Here's what you can do:

  1. Email or
  2. Please provide the enquiry reference number of the discussion, the link of the item or the order reference number.
  3. The Vinterior team will then happily organise an invoice to be sent to you for the commission.

What if we see multiple sales outside of Vinterior on your account?

Vinterior know that sellers provide great service to the buyers that the platform provides you with. Vinterior therefore expect all sales to go through site, and may have to regretfully take action if you are taking multiple sales outside of Vinterior. These actions may include: 

  • Your account being be put in holiday mode.
  • Your analytics being removed.
  • Your visibility on Vinterior will being reduced.
  • Your payments being delayed.

Vinterior would of course like to avoid this as much as possible.