A bit of context

Early July, Vinterior implemented a new messaging interface. 


  • To merge messages from the same buyer's pre and post-sale
  • To allow you to take a day to day actions from the message thread
  • To allow you to close a discussion and mark it as "does not require an answer"
  • To give you a better mobile experience

Where are my old messages?

From the mid-July to November 2020: you had access to your archived messages from your inbox. 

From November 2020: Your old messages are not available anymore from your inbox (as it impacts the speed of the website).


How can I get in touch with the buyer?

You can contact your buyers from the order page, it will create a new thread.

1. Go to My Sales page

2. Click on "Contact Buyer"

3. Write your message here

I have a problem and need to access an old conversation
For any specific request, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team at sellersupport@vinterior.co

Thank you for giving as many details as possible so we can help you retrieve the details of the conversation.