Why are we running the campaign? 

We're displaying fixed delivery prices (rather than estimated) on all listings to UK buyers for November and December to turn your product views into purchases. 

Providing clarity on fixed delivery prices pre-purchase for buyers will increase sales for our sellers. Why? To improve your chances of getting the sale:

  • Price is a key element in decision making
  • Clarity improves trust (especially for new buyers).

What delivery price will show on my listings? 

As of December 1st, you have control of the fixed delivery prices on your listings: 

1. By adding prices to your delivery grid 

2. Adding a delivery price to a specific listing 

3. Updating the delivery grid size category of your item yourself (these are: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large).

4. By marking a specific listing as 'Request a quote'. 

N.B. If a listing is not marked as 'Request a quote', and you don't have prices in your delivery grid or on listings, we'll display our estimated fixed delivery prices below:

How does fixed delivery work?

All fixed delivery costs are calculated on your listing's delivery size category. Our categories are as listed below: 

Small: items that can be sent through the post;

Medium: items that can be delivered easily by 1 man; 

Large: can be delivered 1 man with the help of the customer;

- Extra-large: would be a 2-man delivery service.

N.B. If you disagree with Vinterior's auto-calculated delivery size category, you can adjust it yourself on your listings.

How can I update a specific listing to 'Request a quote'?

How will my payment work?

Nothing has changed for you as a seller. When you confirm your order, you will add your delivery cost as usual. While the test runs, we'll ensure that you are always paid the highest cost -your actual delivery cost or what the buyer paid at check out. 

What do buyers see during the test?


Q: Does this test affect how I deliver my items?

A: No. You will continue to deliver your items by your preferred method. This test changes the buyers' experience, increasing the likelihood of your sales due to 'fixed' advertised delivery costs (rather than our previous 'estimated' ones). 

Q: What will happen to my inventory with free delivery?

A: Nothing, only products with paid delivery will be included.

Q: Are all buyers included in this test?

A: This test only applies to UK buyers. Northern Ireland and international will be excluded.

Q: I'm participating in the Proovia delivery pilot; how will this work for me?

A: We will show the fixed delivery prices listed above, and when they don't match Proovia's, we'll make up the difference. 

Q: I'm based in France. Will I still be included?

A: Yes, all our sellers will be included in this test and can benefit from a simplified sale experience.

Q: My buyer is in Northern Ireland. Will they see a fixed price?

A: No, Northern Ireland is excluded from this test, and buyers must request a quote from the seller.

Q: What will happen to the request a quote feature?

A: 'Request a quote' will be disabled during the test.

Your feedback during this test period is appreciated and will help highlight any tweaks for us to make. Please feel free to contact sellersupport@vinterior.co -Thank you!