The VAT included in my prices varies between listings

  • General advice

Consignments shipped to the UK are subject to import VAT of 20%, so you may not need to make much of an adjustment!

Make sure that you include in your prices at least the UK import VAT to the UK as they represent the vast majority of orders on Vinterior. Should you make a sale to the EU, you lose or win a bit, or you can also adjust your prices pre-sale if required.

  • My item price is less than £135

Vinterior collects the UK supplier's VAT on your behalf for all consignments below £135 as the marketplace. Please make sure to include the 20% in your prices below £135 too.

  • My item is an antique or a work of art

Typically, art, antiques and collectable items are taxed at the lower rate of UK import VAT of 5%. To benefit from the lower rate of VAT, the item must fall within the list of pieces here and you must present all the required evidence and documents at customs. If you are unsure, you will prefer keeping the 20% VAT rate on your items.

  • My item is under the margin scheme

With  regulations on items exported from the EU to the UK, UK supplier VAT or Import VAT is applicable on the full amount of the item. The margin scheme is not applicable so we recommend you adjust the price to include the 20% UK supplier VAT or Import VAT.

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