This article has some guidance regarding how you can price your items on Vinterior if you are shipping your items using the incoterm DDP. This article also contains a recording of a webinar where changes triggered by Brexit are explained in more detail. 

We recommend that sellers ship items using the incoterm DDP and include import VAT in their prices as this provides the buyer with a more seamless online shopping experience. Furthermore, this reduces the time the item is in customs where the item can be damaged.  

If you are an EU seller, you need to review your prices to make sure that they include UK import VAT if applicable. 

  • Many of you won't have to change your prices as you already include local VAT.
  • Bear in mind that buyers will have to pay import taxes anyway. Having it at the price at checkout will provide more transparency and avoid bad surprises.

To decide how to adjust your prices, we offer you some guidelines. You can refer to your specific situation in the below table of contents to review what is relevant for your business:

1.  My prices include VAT on Vinterior - I am a VAT registered:

2.  I never include VAT on Vinterior - I am not VAT registered

Webinar for EU sellers

00:01 - 03:20: Introduction & panel presentation
03:20 - 19:33: General presentation of Brexit changes
  • 04:06 - 05:25: What changed with Brexit
  • 05:26 - 07:19: How UK consumers lived the changes
  • 07:20 - 10:25: Taxes
  • 10:26 - 12:12: Shipments
  • 12:13 - 17:23: Solution
  • 17:23 - 19:33: Steps as sellers & pricing questions
19:33 -54:20: Q&A
  • 20:16 - 21:38: How will this benefit me as a seller?
  • 21:38 - 22:38: Which shippers are offering DDP?
  • 22:38 - 25:55: I want to stay competitive in the UK market?
  • 25:55- 27:22: Will delivery costs impact my sales?
  • 27:22 - 28:22: Will the buyer have to pay more?
  • 28:22 - 29:20: I am on the margin scheme, what should I do?
  • 29:20 - 31: 20: As a seller do I need to take these steps?
  • 31:20 - 54:20: Answer the chat