You might need to make changes to one of your listings for various reasons:

  • Edit the different fields to make it more searchable on Vinterior.
  • Change the price agreed with a buyer.
  • Add more relevant information in the description.
  • Or any other reasons.

Vinterior may create your listings if you choose to send us your listing URLs from another platform, but you have full control of your inventory once published.

Steps to make changes:

  1. Go to your Listings page of your dashboard that can be accessed either
      • Through this link: Listings.
      • Or in the My Listings section of the navigation bar when you are logged in on Vinterior.
  2. Once there, you can search for the listing and then click on 'More', then 'Edit Listing'.

3. This will open a new page where you can make new changes to your listing. Do not forget to click on SAVE LISTING otherwise, your changes won't be taken into account.

Vinterior note:

If you make changes to a live listing already published on Vinterior, these changes will automatically appear. If the item is not yet published, the updated version will be the one published.