Vinterior recommends that you add as many photos as you can to help sell the item. 

We understand that vintage and antique items are subject to some wear and tear, but we request that you upload images of any specific damage that a potential buyer must be aware of. This can protect you in case the buyer would like to return the item. 

You can edit your listing from the Listings page and you can upload up to 30 images for each listing.

IMPORTANT: Remember to click ‘save’ after any changes that you make.

Vinterior Tip: We have recently introduced a new feature that allows you to change the order in which you want to display your listing's images.

Two ways to change the order of your listing images:

1. Drag and drop

2. Arrows beneath each image

Difference between desktop and mobile:

For now, Vinterior are only allowing the drag and drop reordering method on desktop, as the display on mobile was not making the experience easy. This means that you will only be able to use the arrows on mobile to change the order.

Questions? Comments?

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