This article explains how you can add delivery costs to your listings on Vinterior. To view a video explanation that walks you through this process, please refer to the last section in this article. 

1. Delivery Grid: 

Please add your own delivery prices using the Delivery Grid that allows you to:

  • Add/Update delivery prices for all your listings.
  • Specify delivery cost by location and product size.

The delivery price that you enter into your Delivery Grid will be used by default. This will overwrite Vinterior's prices for UK sellers or the 'Request a quote' function on EU seller listings.

2. Editing the delivery cost of a specific listing:

If you would like to add a different delivery cost for a specific listing that would be more expensive to ship, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the listing in Listings and click ‘More’, then 'Edit Listing'

  2. Update the information in the delivery section

  3. Click ‘Save Listing.’ 

Note: This delivery cost would overwrite the cost you have added to your delivery grid.

If you have to amend the delivery cost after confirming it to your buyer, Vinterior can charge additional fees or refund buyers upon request, please contact

Useful Tips & Tricks:

  1. You don't have to add prices for all destinations at once. Why not start by adding prices to the UK?
  2. You can add prices based on location, as well as the item size.
  3. You can review the number of items in each size category, giving you full visibility.
  4. On your Listings page, you can override the delivery price for a specific item, should a listing require a tailored delivery price.

Video Explanation of your delivery grid: