What is a proforma?

Proformas are sent by Vinterior to trade buyers who have checked-out via bank transfer. On this document, they can view the breakdown of their order and instructions to pay Vinterior by bank transfer. 

  • Proformas are not VAT invoices.
  • Proformas are payable as soon as they are sent.
  • We can only send the proforma to the Trade buyers when all the delivery charges have been confirmed by sellers (there can be more than one line item in the order).

What is an invoice?

Invoices are requested post-sale by buyers. Invoices are needed for their accounting and VAT purposes. We will provide buyers with a VAT invoice. Should they request one from you, you can refer them to email us at info@vinterior.co.

What is a receipt?

The receipt is issued to every buyer on Vinterior via email for their order. It is a summary of the item fee + service fee, and separately, the delivery fee. After clarifying that the buyer wants a receipt and not a VAT invoice, please advise then to reach out to Vinterior.

Buyers often use the 'receipt' terminology to ask for a VAT invoice.

Trade buyers asking for invoice to pay you directly

If a client asks for an invoice by message before placing the order, kindly push back and offer them to checkout by bank transfer with Vinterior. 

This only complicates the order that can only be treated if the checkout is made. 

If you need more advice, feel free to call our support team to advise buyers: 020 3322 7467