As a seller, you'll want to provide a 5-star experience in order to receive 5-star reviews. Buyers can get frustrated for many different reasons, however, you can help guide them through their purchasing journey for a remarkable experience.

Here are some tried and tested Vinterior tips for a remarkable review:

  • Contact each buyer within 48 hours following the confirmation of your sale to arrange delivery, or to manage their expectations if there are any delays.
  • Reply to a buyer's message straight away. Acting fast shows that you're willing to quickly assist them.
  • Always communicate with a kind and friendly tone. (Try not to get angry, use sarcastic language, or sound passive-aggressive).
  • Buyers will expect their delivery to be on time. If you give them a delivery date, stick to it. If there are any delays, keep in contact with your buyer so they stay well informed.
  • If you are organising delivery independent from Vinterior, make sure that you use good shipping services. Delivery delays are a big pain point for customers, so try to use reliable courier companies.
  • A buyer should always receive an item as advertised! Make sure that all of your listings describe your items as accurately as possible, and leave nothing to interpretation.

Share your best tips with the Vinterior seller community:

Help other sellers on Vinterior by sharing your successes on The Vinterior Seller Forum. This is a great online space to interact with fellow vintage dealers and to share advice on how to keep your buyers happy. Make use of courier recommendations, and share your best tips so that we can all work together to support and assist each other.