Buyers constantly praise the brilliant service they receive on our platform across our own feedback channels. Now we want to give our sellers the opportunity to receive amazing buyer reviews directly. You can use your 5 star reviews to build your own reputation with Vinterior buyers. 

Vinterior will automatically send a review invitation email to buyers 7 days after their item has been marked as dispatched. If you would rather send a review request to the yourself, you can request a review via your 'My Sales' page as per our instructions below. 

Which items can be reviewed?

All received items can be reviewed by buyers. These reviews will then be added to your product pages so that prospective buyers can see your great work.

How will I be able to view my Seller Reviews?

  1. Select your Dashboard
  2. Click on 'My Reviews' 

How can I request a Seller Review?

  • Click on 'Request a review' on your My sales page. This will send an email request to the buyer. 


  • Ask your buyer directly via our messaging system

Vinterior tip: you can only send a review request once. If you cannot send a review, it means that either you or Vinterior have already sent this buyer a review request.

How can I advise buyers to leave a review?

We always recommend you to guide your buyers. If you need to help the buyer, here are the instructions you can share:

  1. Go to 'My Orders'
  2. Click on 'Review this seller'. Write a short description of the service they received, and select a star rating for the service that you received
  3. Click 'Post my review'

Knowing this process will help you to get more reviews, as you will be able to advise buyers on the required steps that they need to take in order to leave you a review.

Buyers also have the ability to edit their seller review if they'd like to. Buyers can edit both the star rating, and written notes for any item.