Our Review Guidelines  

Vinterior can hide reviews if they do not follow our guidelines and are unsuitable for public view. 

Vinterior reserves the right to remove any reviews that may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. It’s harmful or illegal (Hate speech or discrimination, terrorism, threats or violence. or uses obscenities)
  2. It includes personal or private information
  3. It’s advertising or promotional
  4. It’s not related to a genuine experience
  5. It concerns a third party outside of the seller’s control, such as Vinterior
  6. It undermines the integrity of Vinterior’s seller reviews system

Received a review that does not follow our guidelines?

If you receive a review that you believe is against Vinterior’s review guidelines, please report it by emailing us at info@vinterior.co. At this time, any ratings that do not appear publicly will not affect a seller's review score.

Please note: reviews that are negative, but that adhere to Vinterior’s policies will not be removed.