Experiencing a bad review can feel disheartening, but it is a great opportunity to learn from your feedback. We know how it feels, and we also receive some of those.

If you do ever receive an unhappy review, there might be ways to resolve the issue and get the buyer to amend their review to a positive one. Most often, a buyer's problems can be fixed.

You are welcomed to reach out to the buyer privately via our messaging system and help them to resolve their issue.

Vinterior Tips: 

  • Send the buyer a message straight away. Acting quickly shows that you are willing to quickly resolve the issue.
  • Never challenge a buyer's opinion.
  • Do your best to remain professional and understanding.
  • Apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Ask the buyer to explain their review by asking polite and open questions so that you can figure out what happened.
  • Always try and find a solution by offering them more help, or a partial refund.

To get in touch with a buyer directly, please follow these steps 

  • Go to 'My Reviews' via your seller's dashboard
  • Click "Contact Buyer" 

We hope our advice helps. You will not always manage to convince buyers to change their review, but it does happen sometimes.