All seller payouts for sales made on Vinterior are made through our Stripe Connect payment system.

Pre-requisite: If you are not operating in a Stripe Connect supported country, please refer to section 4 of this article. More information on Canada and the United States can also be found in this section. 

Unsupported countries are as follow Serbia, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Canada, and the United States. You can also click on this link to check if your country is supported on Stripe Connect.

For sellers in supported countries, here are the four steps to setting up Stripe Connect on your Vinterior account. It will take 3-4 minutes and will involve some security checks with Stripe to verify the details of your business and its ownership.

1. How to setup Stripe Connect

Please follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Open your Seller Account page.
  2. Click on Enable Stripe Connect payouts under the 'Payment Information' section.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and ensure each field is completed accurately.

Vinterior Note:

  • Please ensure your mobile phone is with you when completing these details, as a text message is sent to verify your account. 
  • Your Company Registration Number (if applicable) and a form of personal identification may also be required to complete this process.
  • Partnerships:  If your business is a Partnership, please ensure you register as a Sole Trader on the Stripe Connect form, as Registered Businesses require specific documents with Companies House in the UK, or using EU VAT numbers for accounts based outside of the UK.

2. Verifying your identity

For security reasons, Stripe must verify the identity of each account holder and each registered business.

Sole traders (and Partnerships) will be asked to upload a personal identification document, such as a valid driving license or passport scan. The address on the document must match the address registered on the Stripe Connect form.

Registered businesses will be asked to provide a valid business document, such as a VAT certificate, or a companies house document (or the equivalent business registration document outside of the UK).

Each document must follow these criteria to be validated:

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read
  • Documents must be dated within the past six months
  • Documents can be uploaded in .png, .jpg, or .pdf format
  • Complete documents must be uploaded. A complete document is:
    • The document is at least 1 page long
    • The full name and address of the individual are clearly stated and legible

Stripe will contact you directly if your document has not been accepted. Please reach out to Stripe Support if you are unable to proceed with your setup. Click here to get in touch with Stripe Connect.

3. Getting paid via Stripe Connect

After you have enabled Stripe Connect payouts, all your sales will be processed through this payment system.

Once you dispatch an item (by updating the dispatch date on your My Sales page), your payout will be transferred to your Stripe Connect account on the following day. The funds will then be transferred from your Stripe Connect account to your bank account and received within the next 3 working days.

4. Unsupported countries 

Stripe Connect is not yet supported in the following countries: Serbia, Turkey, Morocco, and Israel. 

Although Stripe Connect is currently available in the United States and Canada, Vinterior is currently not paying sellers based in these countries via Stripe Connect. For more information, please email 

Instead, you will receive your payout via bank transfer in the currency associated with the IBAN number you provided on your Vinterior account. These transfers will have a reference to us, Vinterior, so that you can easily track your payouts.

If you are based in one of these countries, please make sure to update your bank details on your Seller Account page.