This article outlines the main areas of your account that can be set up and optimised in advance to ensure you are set up for success on Vinterior. 

The areas covered in this article are: listings, payments, your seller storefront, delivery information, trade prices, messaging, analytics, make an offer, support, and additional resources. 

At the end of the article, you can also find the video that runs through these points. 


  • Keeping inventory up to date is incredibly important to draw customers in and to keep them coming back. Ensure that you mark your items as sold once an item is no longer available and add new items when new inventory becomes available.
  • You can add new listings either by creating the listing manually or submitting the URL of the listing of this item on another website. 
  • Ensure your listings are optimised by utilising the ‘Inventory Health Score’ section within your analytics tab.
  • Field completion, word count, and image count increase the chances of sales on the site. 
  • For more information please refer to this link: How do I add a new listing to my account?


Seller Storefront

  • There has been a rise in customers wanting to support independent businesses. Your seller storefront is your virtual storefront giving you the opportunity to share a bit about your background and business.

  • Add a profile image and bio to connect with onlookers wanting to know more about you and where/ who they are buying from.

  • Your storefront bio URL can also be used as a directory that you can share with your own customers. You can add this URL to your social media accounts to make viewing your inventory even easier.

  • Make yourself known with your seller bio to enhance repeat business from buyers.
  • You can update your bio and profile picture through this link:


Trade prices

  • To widen your buying audience set up a trade discount to become more visible to professional trade buyers who shop more frequently on site.
  • You can set up a discount to apply to all of your inventory or apply a bespoke trade price at the listing level.
  • If you do not want to enter discussions around trade prices, you can also make this known by adding ‘0’ to the trade discount section. 
  • You can add a trade discount through this link:


  • Every enquiry is a potential new customer and sale. Responding in a timely manner can greatly increase your chances of a sale or the chance of that customer wanting to do business with you at a later date.
  • To receive a free text alert when you have an enquiry, add your mobile number as your main phone number within ‘My account’ and never miss an opportunity.


  • Use your analytics to better understand what is gaining interest from customers and use this knowledge to support sourcing future items.
  • If items are getting a lot of attention but are not selling this could suggest that they need additional optimisation. Use the Inventory Health Report section to see if there is anything that needs extra attention. 
  • You can find out more through this linkUsing the Analytics tab on your seller account

Make an Offer

  • When customers have added an item of yours to their basket, 24 hours later you will be alerted and the item can be found within the ‘Make an Offer’ page on your account. 
  • You will be able to send the customer a bespoke offer from a set discount available for a set time period to support in closing the sale.
  • If you chose to make an offer we recommend acting quickly whilst the customer is still in a buying mindset.
  • If you wish to close the sale quickly consider offering higher savings for a shorter time period to add urgency.
  • You can find out more through this link: Using the Make an Offer tab on your seller account

Support and Questions

  • Utilise our seller help centre FAQs where we have created articles to support your understanding and learning. 90% of your questions can be answered through our comprehensive articles. 
  • Use our live chat function on the Vinterior homepage.
  • For specific questions or support regarding your account, listings or orders, please reach out to, we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Join our seller forum and ask the seller community questions.


  • For visibility on the top sales opportunities forecasted on Vinterior, take a look at the Inventory Opportunities Report. There are three versions available so you can select the report that is right for you: Vintage Furniture, Antique Furniture, Vintage & Antique Furniture
  • Join our seller social communities where we frequently post updates and inspiration on Vinterior; Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Sign up for our seller newsletter, we will let you know about new feature launches and will share advice and inspiration on making the most of the partnership.

Video Explanation of your account: