If a buyer chooses to collect an item they will be sent a confirmation email with your contact details and business address. If you would like to contact them to discuss your collection preferences, please read below.

How do I contact the buyer?

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account.
  2. Go to My Dashboard.
  3. Go to My Sales and click on the relevant order.
  4. Go to my Inbox and click on the relevant thread.
  5. Click "Contact Buyer" or "See Thread".


When the buyer replies, it will start a messaging thread so that you can find the conversation in your inbox. You should also be notified via an automated Vinterior email that the buyer has been in touch.

Vinterior Tip:

If you have made a sale, and the buyer has chosen to collect, but you have not heard from the buyer, please get in touch with the Vinterior team via info@vinterior.co.