You can start making delivery arrangements as soon as your sale is confirmed, but Vinterior recommend waiting at least 24 hours before dispatching a sold itemThis time allows the buyer to review the delivery price, and to cancel the order before the item is dispatched.

Once the shipping costs have been approved by the buyer you can dispatch your item. Please ensure that as soon as the item has been shipped, you update the status of the order to 'Dispatched' via your My Sales page. This will ensure a cancellation can no longer be requested by the buyer.

Where can I see the buyer's full address?

Once you have confirmed your sale, an email will be automatically sent to you with the buyer's phone number and delivery details. You will also be able to see the buyer's contact and delivery details on your My Sales page, by clicking on the Show Delivery Details button.

Vinterior Tip:

If a trade buyer checked out Bank Transfer and requires a VAT invoice, you will receive their billing details within the order confirmation email. Please make sure not to ship to this address! 

Struggling to get a delivery cost?

Vinterior have compiled a list of recommended couriers so you'll always be able to provide buyers with a delivery quote. Please click via this link to view the full list.