It is very important to mark your items as 'Dispatched' once you they have been shipped. This is because marking an item as being 'Dispatched' triggers Vinterior's automated payment system.

Steps to mark an item as 'Dispatched':

  1. Go to My Dashboard.
  2. Click on My Sales.
  3. Find the order.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Put in the delivery details.
  6. When you update the order status from Confirmed to Dispatched, the buyer will receive an email that provides them with your additional delivery information. It is essential to give the buyer as much information as you can. 

How should I communicate with a buyer regarding delivery?

A lack of delivery information is the top reason for poor seller reviews on VinteriorThe delivery is the last and most memorable step of purchasing an item online, and providing your buyer with the following delivery details will prevent the buyer from hassling you for further information: 

  • Estimated delivery date and time.
  • How many people will be delivering the item. 
  • The type of delivery: if it is door to door delivery vs white glove service.
  • The courier's name and number. 

When do I receive the delivery costs to pay to the courier?

You are paid for your order and the delivery costs after you mark your order as 'Dispatched'This triggers Vinterior's automated payment system:

  • If you are paid via Stripe Connect, you can expect payment 3 working days after marking an order as dispathed.
  • If you are paid via Bank Transfer, you can expect payment 14 days after.