There are two main types of returns on Vinterior:

  1. Change of mind from the buyers - Buyer’s responsibility.

  2. Item unfit for purpose - Your responsibility as a seller.

1. Change of mind from the buyers - Buyer’s responsibility:


  • Not looking at listing information (state of the item, dimensions, description).

  • Item not fitting in their home.

  • Changing their mind.

  • Asking to cancel the order after it has been marked as dispatched on Vinterior.

  • Disputing that the item has signs of wear and tear, which is expected in a vintage item.

Rules that apply:

  • The buyer is responsible for paying and organising the return delivery.
  • The original non-refundable delivery fee will still be paid to you.

2. Item unfit for purpose - Your responsibility as a seller:


  • Item is damaged in transit.
  • Item is lost in transit.
  • Misleading listing information.
  • A bespoke, made to order, personalised order is not made to the quality and standard given from the listing.
  • Item is dispatched but was not updated as being so on the Vinterior system, and the buyer wishes to cancel.

            Rules that apply:

  • The seller is responsible for paying and organising return delivery.
  • The buyer is entitled to a full refund, including the original delivery fee,

Vinterior Tips:

  • Offer your help: buyers are not used to organising delivery, maybe provide them with your shippers details
  • Don’t get frustrated: if the client sends pictures of a damaged item or an item which they feel does not match the listing, it means that the client is unhappy with their experience. 
  • If it is the buyer’s responsibility to organise and pay for delivery they are usually a bit frustrated. Be a facilitator and make sure they have a good returning experience
  • Don’t push back: the right to return is European Law and there is not much we can do, it is part of selling/buying online. Rest assured the return rate is very low on Vinteruir!
  • Improve: Returns are a good way to question how this could be avoided in the future? Clearer description? More pictures? Better shipping company?