All trade buyers on Vinterior have to apply to gain access to our exclusive trade program. 

Vinterior then checks through all the trade buyer applications, and only accepts trade buyers who are definitely professionals of the design industry and have a legitimate website.

Vinterior's trade buyers come from many different backgrounds, but they are usually split between the following types of businesses: 

  • Hospitality companies

  • Interior designers

  • Architects

  • Property developers

  • Design studios

  • Media agencies

  • Building contractors


What features do trade buyers have access to on Vinterior?

Trade buyers have exclusive access to certain features:

  1. Trade prices
  2. The option to request a reservation
  3. Checkout by Bank Transfer
  4. VAT invoice requests

Vinterior offers extra services to some trade buyers who regularly place large orders on the platform. If you are contacted by a Vinterior agent to reserve an item or to give a shipping cost, it is most probably for a VIP buyer. 

How to handle a trade buyer:

  • Answer their enquiries as fast a possible: these buyers often work with lots of different suppliers, and speed will help you to close a sale with them.
  • Provide invoices in PDF: once you have dispatched an item for a trade buyer, it's great to send them a PDF invoice it through the Vinterior messaging system.
  • Offer a Trade price if you can/want: trade buyers really appreciate discounts for their budget management.
  • Get in touch with the client: to organise delivery as the delivery could be to a storage facility with specific requirements.
  • Delivery address vs billing address: make sure that you are clear with the difference on the order to avoid any mistake (often different!).
  • Offer a 10-star service: trade buyers can have a big budget and therefore can be picky! They do appreciate great services as it impacts their business, it is an opportunity to “Wow” them.