This article explains what happens if multiple users have the same item in their baskets. 

Users on Vinterior have three ways to show interest in items:

  1. Adding the item on their Wishlists
  2. Pinning the item on Pinterest
  3. Adding the item to their cart

What happens next:

  • Vinterior works on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Vinterior permits multiple users to have your item in their basket until one of them goes ahead to purchase.
  • People watching your items means they are regularly visiting the page to see the listing or saving it in their wishlist.
  • Trade buyers can request to reserve the item which will prevent other buyers to purchase the item on Vinterior

Can you find out who the buyers are?

For confidentiality reasons, not for the moment. In addition, we do not have their personal information, as the information provided above is just numerical data rather than qualitative.