All approved trade buyers have access to exclusive features:

  1. Trade prices
  2. The option to request a reservation
  3. Checkout by Bank Transfer
  4. VAT invoice requests

What should you know as a seller?

As a seller, it is important to feel comfortable with these features to make sure that you can react accordingly:

Trade prices:

  1. Be able to add trade prices to your listings.
  2. Feel confident answering a trade price request.


  1. Knowing how to reserve/unreserve an item.

Checkout by Bank Transfer:

  1. If a client asks for an invoice by message before placing the order, kindly push back and offer them to checkout by bank transfer with VinteriorThis only complicates the order that can only be treated if the checkout is made. If you need more advice, feel free to call our support team to advise buyers: 020 3322 7467
  2. Holding the item until Vinterior confirms that the payment is received.
  3. Know-how/when to dispatch: When the emails clearly say that the funds have been received (otherwise do not dispatch.

VAT invoices requests:

  1. VAT invoices are not invoices for them to pay you directly but the invoice once the sale is confirmed as proof of purchase.
  2. Trade buyers will most probably need a VAT invoice, please send it by PDF on the messaging platform of Vinterior. If it is included in the package, there is a high chance they miss it and ask for a digital version.
  3. For VIP buyers, we can create VAT invoices on your behalf but we will always ask you to confirm before sending it to the buyer.

How to add a blanket trade price to your items:

How to reserve an item:

Expectations for sellers:

Trade buyers have a special status at Vinterior as they buy more regularly than any other buyers on the platform.

It's important to offer them great service so that they want to come back to to make more purchases, and are advocates of Vinterior in the interiors industry.

  • Answer their enquiries as fast a possible: these buyers often work with lots of different suppliers, and speed will help you to close a sale with them.
  • Provide invoices in PDF: once you have dispatched an item for a trade buyer, it's great to send them a PDF invoice it through the Vinterior messaging system.
  • Offer a Trade price if you can/want: trade buyers really appreciate discounts for their budget management.
  • Get in touch with the client: to organise delivery as the delivery could be to a storage facility with specific requirements.
  • Delivery address vs billing address: make sure that you are clear with the difference on the order to avoid any mistake (often different!).
  • Offer a 10-star service: trade buyers can have a big budget and therefore can be picky! They do appreciate great services as it impacts their business, it is an opportunity to “Wow” them.