Registered Trade buyers have an option on the checkout page to complete their order via bank transfer. 

This allows them to place the order, receive a proforma invoice from Vinterior, and then make the payment by bank transfer to Vinterior. 

On some occasions, this may lead to a slight delay in the confirmation of the sale, which we will outline in our email to you. 

What should you do as a Seller?

  1. Do not dispatch until Vinterior confirms a payment: 
    • It's important that your sold item is not dispatched until the funds for the sale have been received by Vinterior. 
    • Once a trade buyer's payment is received and cleared, you will receive a 2nd confirmation email will be sent by.
  2. Push back if a client asks you for an invoice before placing the order: 
    • If a client asks for an invoice by message before placing the order, kindly push back and offer them to checkout by bank transfer with Vinterior. 
    • This only complicates the order that can only be treated if the checkout is made. 
    • If you need more advice, feel free to call our support team to advise buyers: 020 3322 7467
  3. Payment delays: 
    • If you have been waiting for more than 7-days for a bank transfer order without confirmation of payment, please fo contact our team via for an update.