Sales on Vinterior are processed on a per-listing basis, but you can specify the quantity that the price refers to on your listingThere is a Price is for' field on the listings form to allow sellers to state whether their price is 'Per Item' or 'Per Set of X'. 

Vinterior does not currently offer a quantity option for buyers to buy more than one piece via the same listing page (by multiplying the unit price). However, Vinterior is looking to introduce this feature in the near future, as it is frequently requested by sellers. 

How can you handle quantities currently on your listings:
  • If you are selling multiple items under the same listing, you can state how many items the price is for. For example, you can list a price as being 'per set of 4'.

  • If you are selling multiple items under the same listing but wish that the price of the listing to be per item, then set the 'Price is for' field on your listing page to 1. Add some further information to the description that there are more of this item available on request.

How to confirm how many items your listing price is for: