If you've made a sale outside of Vinterior, you can quickly mark it as sold so that buyers don't purchase the unavailable item.

This is key that you mark as sold as soon as it is sold to avoid disappointing a potential buyer and get a poor order completion rate on your listings.

Steps to mark an item as sold on Vinterior: 

  • Go to your seller dashboard.
  • Go to Listings.
  • Find the listing.
  • Click Mark as Sold.

Vinterior Tip:

You can also mark an item as being sold if you want to remove it from Vinterior the search results pages. 

Using your mobile to update your inventory faster:

Marking an item as sold on Vinterior can now be done via SMS. All you need to have is a UK mobile phone number connected to your seller account. 

Vinterior understands that it can be difficult to manage your inventory across multiple platforms, and so we hope that you enjoy this new feature. Please do try it out after you make your next sale outside of Vinterior. 

How to add a mobile number to your account: 

  • Go to 'My Account' on Vinterior.
  • Under the first section, personal details, click on Edit.
  • Add the mobile number that you want to use to the first phone number field of the form.