Buyers can get frustrated for many different reasons and it is your role and help them through their purchasing journey.

As a seller, leaving a client unsatisfied is not ideal and you may receive negative feedback, or project a wrong image of the industry!

Some tips to handle angry/unsatisfied buyer:

  • Keep a very kind tone (do not get angry, or sound passive-aggressive)

  • Be apologetic and acknowledging the frustration often ease the conversation

  • Review the options to satisfy the buyer

  • Do not assume that the buyer is dishonest as it would only escalate the issue

  • Reach out to Vinterior for advice

Expectations to be familiar with:

  • Clients will expect to receive the delivery in time 

  • The item must be received as advertised! If believes that it was wrongly advertised, they can request a return at your charge.

  • If you do not use a professional tone with the client, Vinterior can suspend your account.

  • Your shipper is your responsibility => If it is the fault of your shipper, you are fully responsible for it. The buyer nor Vinterior will not make the difference