Here is everything you need to grow your sales on Vinterior in just 4 steps! 

1. Create good quality listings 

Increase your chance of selling items by creating quality listings:

  • Make sure to have at least 10+ images for each listing, a description of at least 250 words, and accurate product dimensions.

  • Choose the style options that best match the product, be selective, do not add your listing to all style options as this will confuse customers and reduce the click-through rate to your listing in incorrect categories. Click here for information on how to create a listing. 

2. List more items 

Increase the number of listings you have on Vinterior to maximise your visibility and increase sales:

    • All listings are free of charge! 

    • To save you time recreating listings from scratch, our team can create your listings by importing the information from other sites using the specified URL link, click here for the process.

3. Manage your items efficiently 

Make sure to keep your listings up to date: 

    • It is crucial to update your listings on Vinterior once the product is no longer available and to replace it with new available listings. This will reduce your loss of potential sales and boost your revenue! Click here for how to update listings.

    • fulfilmentRejected orders due to listings not being updated will have a negative impact on your fulfillment rate. Keep on top of your inventory and achieve a higher fulfillment rate to make yourself more attractive to buyers.

    • If you do have to cancel an order, please apologise to the buyer and try to offer them an alternative if you have one. This way you might be able to close another sale despite having to cancel the initial one. 

4. Boost your rating

Provide a 5-star experience to build your own reputation with Vinterior buyers and increase long-term sales. 

    • Confirm orders placed by buyers in less than 72 hours, the sooner the better.

    • Reply to a buyer's messages straight away.

    • A buyer should always receive an item as advertised, so it is crucial that all product information is correct e.g. dimensions.

    • Follow this link for more tips on how to receive 5-star reviews.  

    • You can also invite buyers to review your items, click here for more detail.