This article explains how you can add listings to your Vinterior account. There are two different ways to add listings to your account:

  1. You can create your own listing (from scratch), which gives you complete control over the content of your listing.
  2. You can upload your listings straight from another platform by submitting URLs. This is a unique and free service that we offer in order to save you time. 

1. Create your own listing (from scratch)

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Complete the new listing creation form by filling in all the relevant fields. 
  3. Once you have finished adding the information, please click on ‘Create listing and add photos'. 
  4. Add the address of the item. This is used for the ‘search by location' feature on Vinterior.
  5. Once you have submitted the listing, it will be sent to our team for approval and will be published on the site within the next 24 hours. 

Vinterior Tip:
You can save your listing as a draft and come back to it at any time. 

How to create a successful listing: 

  • Keep your title short and informative.
  • Include as many images as you can. You can add up to 20 pictures, and the more pictures you add the highest chances of selling you get! 
  • Make sure to include detailed photographs of any wear and tear to avoid buyer returns for 'inaccurate listings'.
  • Include as much information in the description as possible. The better the description, the higher the chances of your making a quick sale.
  • If you cannot find the correct category for your listing, put the item in the closest possible alternative. Vinterior asks that you also give this feedback to the team via so that we can create this category in the future for you.
  • Do not add any personal information relating to you or your business. 

Accountability for your listing:

  • Being a seller on Vinterior means that you adhere to Vinterior's terms and conditions, and are held accountable for any inaccurate information. 

  • Any information relating to the authenticity of your item must be declared on your listing by stating that it is 'a copy of', or 'in the style of', this information must be declared on the listing. 

2. Upload your listings from another platform via URL

  1. Click

  2. Add the URLs of the listings you would like uploaded (one URL per line).

  3. Once you have added all the URLs click on ‘Submit Your Listings’.

  4. Once you have completed this, the listing will be sent over to Vinterior to create the listing, and you will receive an email confirmation. 

Vinterior Tip:
Please only add the URL of the item you are trying to upload, do not include the item's price, title or any additional information which can be found on the URL you are uploading. Including additional information leads to the URL being automatically rejected from our system. 

How to successfully submit your listings for upload:

  • Listings must be accurate and illustrate the condition of the item to avoid buyer returns for 'inaccurate listings'.

  • If the listing does not contain all the mandatory information required to create a listing (e.g. the price), Vinterior will create the listing and send it to you so that you can add this prior to publishing.

  • We cannot import listings from any private platforms. Vinterior can create listings on your behalf as long as the listing URL that you submit is publicly available

  • Vinterior will send you an automated email receipt to confirm the successful upload of your URLs. If you do not receive this, please upload the URLs again. 

Editing a submitted listing after it has been created:

After your listings have been created for you, you are welcome to ‘edit’ them from the ‘Listings’ page in your dashboard. Please make sure that you save any changes that you've made before leaving the listings page. 

Vinterior Note:
Vinterior aims to create and publish all seller listings within 24-48 hours.