To save you time from recreating listings from scratch, our team can create your listings by importing the information from other sites using the specified URL link

Steps to upload your listings:

  1. Click

  2. Add the URLs of the listings you would like uploaded (one URL per line).

  3. Once you have added all the URL’s click on ‘Submit Your URLs’.

  4. Once you have completed this, the listing will be sent over to Vinterior to create the listing, and you will receive an email confirmation for this.

How to successfully submit your listings for upload:

  • The quality of the listings must be accurate.

  • If the listing does not contain all the mandatory information required to create a listing (e.g. the price), Vinterior will create the listing and send it to you so that you can add this prior to publishing.

  • We cannot import listings from any private platforms. Vinterior can create listings on your behalf as long as the listing URL that you submit is publicly available

  • Vinterior will send you an automated email receipt to confirm the successful upload of your URLs. If you do not receive this, please upload the URLs again. 

Editing a submitted listing after it has been created:

  • After your listings have been created for you, you are welcome to ‘edit’ them from the ‘Listings’ page in your dashboard. Please make sure that you save any changes that you've made before leaving the listings page. 

    Vinterior Note:
    Vinterior aims to create and publish all seller listings within 24-48 hours. If you would like to make an additional request for your listings to be changed when they are uploaded i.e. a change in price, please contact a member of the Vinterior team at Similarly, feel free to let us know if you have any issues with incorrect listing information.