There are a few different reasons why Vinterior might disapprove a listing. Please rest assured that you can quickly re-submit it for approval once you have amended your item as per our feedback. 

The 7 most common reasons for items being disapproved:

1. We are no longer publishing newly made items 

As of June 1st, 2020, Vinterior no longer publishes newly made or contemporary items (this also applies to items made after 2001)

As a result, Vinterior's Curation Team has started reviewing contemporary items on the platform and disapproving them when necessary. This process may take a while due to there being over 180,000 listings on the platform, so some might still be visible on Vinterior, as they were published before June 2020. 

2. The quality of the photograph is too low

Images are the most important elements of a listing, and it is also important that buyers clearly see all the details of an item. Here are some guidelines on how to have quality pictures for your items

4. The listing needs a clear main image

First impressions are crucial for making a sale, and the main image on your listing determines whether or not a buyer will click on your item from the Vinterior search page. Please kindly make sure to update your listings so that they all have a clear first photograph.

5. The listing images contained watermarks or logos

Vinterior does not accept listings with images that contain watermarks, logos, or your business name. 

6. It does not fit our current product range

The inventory is constantly reviewed to make sure that it is appealing to buyers and is in high demand. The item you have tried to add might be falling into these categories of the product we do not curate at the moment. For further information, please refer to this article: Items that are not published on Vinterior

7. The item is already listed on Vinterior

You will not be able to submit a URL that has already been submitted on our platform. This is to ensure that there are no duplicate listings on Vinterior. 

How will these listings appear on your Vinterior account?

There are two stages at which a listing could be rejected: 

  1. The submitted URL stage
  2. After a listing has been created. 

If you have submitted your listing via URL, and Vinterior has rejected your listing at this stage, then this means that the URL will disappear from the 'My submitted URLs' page.


If it was rejected later on in the listings creation process, it would show as LIVE on your 'My submitted URLs,' but PENDING on your listings page.

Listings that require any changes to be made to them can be found on your account via this link here. The listings will appear as PENDING, along with the reason in the notes.