Vinterior often runs seasonal Easter, Black Friday, and January sales. These sales are always our busiest period of the year, so make sure to add your listings to them to maximise your sales opportunities! 

How do I join a seasonal sale?

Click 'Join sale', from your account drop-down, or you can follow this link. On the same page, select your discount percentage, click 'Products in the sale', and you can select which products you'd like to apply the discount to. Or alternatively, you can click 'select all' to add all of your products.

How do I change the discount on individual products?

If you don't want to have the same discount for every product on sale, you can easily add bespoke prices. Click 'products in the sale', locate the products you want to adjust, and then click save.

How can I remove listings from the sale?

  1. Go to the 'Join Sale' page via this link here.

  2. Click on the tab ‘Listings in sale’.

  3. Remove the chosen listings by clicking ‘remove’.

  4. Please wait up to 24 hours for the listings to be removed from the sale.

My listings are appearing on sale before the sale has officially started: 

  • To mark all sale listings as being 'on sale' in time for the launch date, Vinterior have to start marking items as being on sale before the sale officially starts. 

    Vinterior Tip: Items can occasionally be sold at the discounted sale price before the sale begins. If you have any issues with this, please email and we will help you the best we can.