The 'Last Chance’ category on the Vinterior home page is a great place for you to promote your items all year round. Whether you want to clear out old stock, or increase cash-flow, the 'Last Chance' section will help you optimise your sales opportunities when there isn't a Vinterior seasonal sale running. 

Steps to join Vinteriors 'Last Chance' sale:

  1. Go to the drop-down section of your ‘My Account’ list, and add your listings on the tab marked ‘Last chance’.
  2. Choose the active listings you would like in the sale from the tabs.
  3. You can bulk add a discount to all of your listings on the page, by inputting a discount percentage and clicking ‘Add all active listings to this sale’.
  4. To add individual discounts to your listings,  ‘Listings not in sale’ tab.

How do I change the discount on individual products?

If you don't want to have the same discount for every product on sale, you can easily add bespoke prices. Click 'products in the sale', locate the products you want to adjust, and then click save.

How can I remove listings from the sale?

  1. Go to the 'Last chance' page via the drop-down section of your ‘My Account’ list.

  2. Click on the tab ‘Listings in sale’.

  3. Remove the chosen listings by clicking ‘remove’.

  4. Please wait up to 24 hours for the listings to be removed from the sale.

Vinterior Tip:  If you have any trouble adding/removing items from the sale please email