What is a Trade price?

A trade price is a complimentary discount added at your discretion to the verified trade professionals on Vinterior. Many sellers are able to offer a certain percentage off to increase the chance of sales.

Trade prices explained:

A trade price is NOT a tax-free price, not all trade professionals in the UK are VAT registered. 

Please only offer a tax-free price if directly requested, Vinterior will not amend the price on your behalf.

A trade price is NOT a wholesale price. Please do not offer a ‘bulk’ purchase price, unless specifically requested.

Should I offer a trade price:

Trade prices are common practice within the Design Industry, but it is up to you as to whether or not you would like to offer one. Trade buyers will not be offended if you are unable to offer one, but in most cases, it increases your chances of getting a sale. 

If you can offer a trade price, even a small discount, might persuade the buyer to make the purchase. Most dealers on Vinterior offer a 10-15% trade price reduction, but you can offer as low as 5%. 

There are 3 ways to update the trade price:

  1. Add a blanket percentage on all your products
  2. Add a one on specific listings
  3. Add a one after a request from a trade buyer

1. Add a blanket percentage on all your products:

Adding a blanket trade discount is the fastest way to add trade prices to all of your listings. Please note that the blanket discount will apply to 100% your listings. It overrides any other individual discounts you added.

  • Login
  • Go to your Dashboard or Account Settings
  • Click on Seller account in the Nav Bar
  • Under 'trade discount' add the percentage
  • Click on set trade discount

2. Add a trade price on specific listings:

When you create or edit your listing:

  • Add the trade price to the listing form(for example £550)
  • Click on Save listing before leaving the page

3. Add a trade price after a request from a trade buyer:

When you receive a trade price request you can: 

  • Click on the link provided to edit the listing
  • Add the trade price (for example £550)
  • Click on Save listing

Vinterior Tip: 

You are not expected to offer trade prices on all your items. You can choose whether or not to add trade prices to listings at your own discretion.  

Step by step tutorial on how to set a blanket trade price: