Buyers can request a delivery quote on your listings if this information is not already provided. Buyers will provide you with their postcode and all the necessary details that you will need in order to provide them with a delivery cost. 

When a buyer request a delivery quote, please make sure to answer as soon as you can from your inboxUsually, buyers who are enquiring about delivery have a high intent to purchase.

Good to know:

  • If the delivery grid is active, you should charge the price you offered when confirming the order. Please ensure your grid is up to date. 
  • If provide a delivery quote to a buyer, you also charge the estimated price you offered when confirming the order.
  • If you had to amend the delivery cost after confirming it to your buyer, Vinterior can charge additional fees or refund buyers upon request: Please contact if you need to change any delivery fees after an order has been confirmed