You will get a notification by email and on your dashboard each time you receive a new message. 

Please make sure to prioritize it and answer as soon as you can to maximize your chances to sell.

  1. Log in to your Vinterior account
  2. Go to My Dashboard
  3. Go to my Inbox and click on the relevant thread
  4. Click "Contact Buyer" or "See Thread"
  5. Have photographs? Attach the photographs with the ‘Choose File” 
  6. This is next to the “Send” button directly on the Vinterior platform via the conversation. 
  7. Please do not send them via email via the automated notification you will receive for any messages.

Make sure to be courteous and offer the best answer you can. 


  • Answer within 6 hours

  • Use a very kind tone

  • Don’t share contact details

  • If the information would also help other users => edit your listing to add them

  • If you don’t have yet the answer => Acknowledge the message and give a timeline for the answer


The list of requests below does not allow you to write a message to the buyer:

  • Delivery quote ⇒ can only provide a quote with a comment

  • Trade price requests ⇒ Can only update the price (not reject nor answer)