Buyers like communication, and some will like a lot of it. They want to feel assured that they are dealing with an honest and trustworthy seller. To protect yourself against any disputes, and to receive fewer questions from buyers, make sure that your listings and delivery information are clear and informative.

1. Creating informative listings:

  • Add multiple photographs (signs of wear, different types of lighting, textures).
  • Add a longer description (between 50-100 words).
  • Let buyers know if there are noticeable flaws on the item.

    Please view the very detailed pictures as they display and detail the condition of the item. 
    Please note signs of wear and tear are expected in vintage and antique items.

2. Ways to add additional delivery info to your listings:

On an account level

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. Click on View Seller Account
  3. Click "Edit Delivery info"
  4. This will affect all your listings with a blanket delivery description of your choice.

On an individual listing level 

  1. Update your listings
  2. Go to My Listings
  3. Click Edit Listing
  4. Copy and paste your blanket delivery information so it appears directly on the listing in the description box

3. Delivery information (when confirming a sale):

  • State the type of courier service used. 
  • Give an estimated time arrival 
  • Provide a phone number for the courier, or a tracking code.


"Thank you for your purchase. Your order will be processed and dispatched within 3 working days. *We aim to deliver all pieces within 7-14 working days of dispatch. •Our items are delivered using a specialised furniture courier. •You should expect to receive a delivery date within 7 working days of dispatch via email. •This generally involves a single person delivery team who may need help with larger items, If there is no one available to assist please contact us to explore other delivery options. •Deliveries to some areas of the UK including Scotland, Cornwall, parts of Wales and Northern Ireland may be subject to a delivery surcharge. •Deliveries inside the London Congestion Zone and ULEZ may be subject to a delivery surcharge. •Smaller items may be despatched using a standard courier service."

4. Protecting yourself in a 'damage in transit' returns:

As a seller, it is important to protect yourself from damage in transit disputes by asking your courier to photograph the item upon arrival. This way, if a buyer makes the claim that the item was damaged in transit, you will have proof that this was not the case. Having photographic evidence will spare you from having to pay for the inbound and outbound delivery fees, as well as a having to repair a damaged item.