Vinterior users can get in touch with you through your listings to ask you questions about:

  • Price

  • Delivery

  • Additional pictures

  • Additional details

When they do get in touch with you, you will receive an email and a notification on your dashboard.

It is key to answer these questions as it shows a high intent to purchase. 

Clients with faster answers have a better conversion rate. Waiting too long would probably make you lose the opportunity.


  • Answer within 6 hours

  • Don’t share contact details

  • Use a very kind tone

  • If the information would also help other users => edit your listing to add them

  • If you don’t have yet the answer => Acknowledge the message and give a timeline for the answer

  • You are representing Vinterior’s seller community, make sure to give a great impression to each potential buyer

Special note:

These expectations are the ones that you probably have when you are shopping for yourself and you are expecting a good service :)

When another dealer provides excellent service to a client, it is beneficial for the entire community!