Until an item is dispatched, buyers can cancel the order and get a full refund automatically.

Cancelled orders can be inconvenient, but these situations are part of selling goods online. Vinterior trust that you will handle each case with professionalism. To keep lengthy disputes to a minimum, work with the Vinterior team to resolve each case as quickly as possible.

Do not dispatch:

Vinterior will inform you via email that a cancellation has been requested by the buyer, and we will make it clear that you should no longer dispatch the item. Vinterior will fully refund the buyer, and no commission will apply to the sale. Each buyer will provide a reason for their cancellation, but this cannot be disputed (European Law).

What if the item has already been dispatched?

Unless the item has been marked as dispatched on your Vinterior account, all buyers will be able to cancel their order. To prevent this from happening:

  1. Ensure that you update each sale as soon as possible via your 'My Sales' page.

  2. Mark items as dispatched systematically: This will remove the cancellation option for the buyer, and will instead trigger a return request, where they will be unable to recoup non-refundable delivery fees.

Vinterior Tip: Have a look at the Vinterior cancellation and returns policy here.